DNS protection is a vital part of every IT security system. It isn’t perfectly foolproof, but it can help prevent almost any type of digital attack, so nobody should go without it. Most people already use some form of it, but the fact that digital threats are constantly evolving means that DNS security programs also need to keep changing. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority recently made a significant contribution in the fight against digital crime by releasing its firewall to the public.

What Is DNS?

A domain name system, or DNS, is a core part of how most people access the Internet. It allows a computer to convert a domain name that a human can understand into an IP address that a network can understand. That makes it one of the most important tools in modern networking, both because it enables users to navigate the Internet and because it can be used as part of a security system.

There are a variety of services that interact with the DNS to improve the user’s experience. Most of them work by identifying specific domain names, comparing it to a list, and taking an action if the name shows up on that list. Most DNS protection programs work by maintaining a list of hostile sites and blocking access to them. At the most basic level, this can help make sure that users do not visit a site that will infect their computer with malware. They can also recognize servers that malware often causes a computer to visit, and prevent access to them to make sure that an infection does not cause any serious damage. Since the list of servers that these services need to block is always changing as new attacks get developed, the most useful protection programs are those that receive regular updates and support. If you would like more information, DNS has additional resources available.

What Is The New Program?

The new DNS firewall from CIRA is a program that is based in the cloud and intended to protect organizations from digital attacks, with a particular focus on ransomware. That makes it particularly appealing to many consumers because ransomware attacks, which lock down a computer until the user pays to have the malware removed, have been getting quite a bit of publicity lately. That emphasis on ransomware does not prevent the program from being useful against other attacks, so it can easily fit into most current security systems.

The program is also designed for easy implementation. The new DNS protection program relies on cloud computing, so installation is convenient and updates can come quickly. Those updates will be particularly valuable, since the program’s connection to a major IT group will ensure that it gets the support that will make it a powerful tool against hackers.

Canadian Government Offers New DNS Protection

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